The Importance of Anchor Text in Back-links

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If effective SEO is a key success driver for your brand, creating links will be an integral part of the process. Search engine optimization is of paramount significance for every business today, and it is here that they need to learn the art of link-building. Links introduce the concept of anchor texts, and it is here that users get confused. Before moving further into the discussion, it’s high time we understand what an anchor text is?

Defining anchor texts

While visiting a webpage, you might have come across chunks of text underlined with a blue line. These texts or set of words are known as anchor texts which will lead you to another page when you click on them. Right from the time of their first appearance till this day, anchor texts have garnered huge popularity in the digital world. However, with Google announcing its decision to decrease dependence on anchor texts, its future doesn’t seem to be quite bright.

Identifying how Google derives relevance?

Before delving deep into the discussion, it is imperative to understand how Google identifies the importance and relevance of a link. Three crucial factors are involved in this process:
• Anchor Title
• Page Title
• Content body
So, how does each of them work to present a link’s relevance? Here we go!

  • Anchor Title: The anchor title defines a link and its underlying topic. It might not be as important as the anchor text but plays a key role in determining the link’s relevance. Google also considers it to be an important factor, as the anchor text describes a link quite clearly.
  • Page Title: The Page Title is an important part of the link’s context, and it also plays a vital role in determining its relevance. The top of the leftmost part of the browser is the page title. By taking a look at it, visitors will get to know the page contents and descriptions. If a link comes with strong title tags, Google will find it to be highly relevant.
  • Content Body: The entire or complete article on a webpage is referred to as the content body. You can place the link in the upper portion of the content since that’s the best place for link placement. Search engines like Google use this information to derive the relevance of a link and find out the page it directs to.

These are some of the essential aspects defining the importance of anchor text. But, we are still without an answer. How are anchor texts still relevant and important for backlinks?

The present scenario

You must be knowing what keyword targeting can do for your site. The same thing is true for anchor texts and backlinks. It is the choice of the text that matters the most. Texts with targeted keywords on your business, site, products, and services will fetch quality backlinks. They will be beneficial in the long run. Anchor texts should be different, varying, and relevant at the same time, in order to yield SEO results. Get in touch with us for the best seo services in Toronto, Canada.

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